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Disable Participant videos in webinar



I use Zoom webinar for teaching.

The problem is, whenever a student raises hand and i allow them to speak. 

Their screen replaces my screen for all the participants, which gives a really bad experience.

Is there a way to allow their audio but they should only see my video?

Thanks in advance.



Yes this is possible, you can solve this issue by following below steps.

  • Start or join a Zoom meeting
  • Click on Share Screen on the meeting toolbar.
  • Select the program or desktop you wish to share.
  • Select Share Sound in the bottom-left corner of the share selection window.
  • (Optional) Select the down arrow just to the right of the Share Sound option to view audio options and switch between Mono and Stereo (high fidelity) audio options.
  • Click on Share in the bottom-right corner to begin sharing with your device's audio included.

I have uses this option many times while we arrange a meeting with our company home builder melbourne employees. If still you are facing this issue you can watch a video on youtube.