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Different participant limits for subscribed packages... which one applies??


Hi all,

We have been using meetings and webinars successfully for events in excess of 200 attendees (our webinar package has 1000 seats)

This week we have a webinar scheduled and planned to use breakouts... not realising this is only possible with a Sessions or Events package.

We figured this limitation out and I persuaded my team to upgrade to Events. So far so good...

But now I found out we only have a 100 seat events package (because thats all you can get if you only want a 1-month upgrade, the bigger capacity upgrades are available for 1-year only)

But now I'm really confused... which seat limit applies?? We still have the 1000 seat webinar license and over 200 registrants... and the webinar is still a webinar (albeit now with breakouts and other new features enabled). 

Will the 200 people still be able to join? Or will Zoom cap the event at 100?


But how does Zoom decide (and hence how do I know) which limit applies? Surely it would be unfair to cap all our webinars to 100 now that we have the more expensive Events package, because we're still subscribed to Webinar.

So does the 100-seat limit only kick in if we use the new Events features?


Final bit of info: the settings still show "Webinar Size: 1000 attendees" for this event... so can I take it that the 200+ registrants will all get in even if I use breakouts?? Or will half of them suddenly get kicked out the minute I enable any of the new features from the Events package??


Any help most gratefully received! Thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you are running in a Zoom session or event, then the maximum number of participants is limited by that licence.

If you are running a pure webinar, then you should be licenced by that number.
If you are not seeing this, then please reach out to Zoom support.