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Default Country in Webinar Registrations


When attendees register for our Zoom webinars, the country field in the registration form defaults to the United States when we are in Australia. This results in many registrants selecting the US as their country and not selecting a State, making us miss essential data and collecting incorrect data.


How can we set a default country for Webinar Registrations? If this is not possible, can Zoom detect Country and auto-default to the correct country?



I too, have the same issue on the Meeting Registration form, and we too are based in Australia. In our case, the Country/Region defaults to 'United Kingdom', and the State/Province to 'Other'. 

I've searched for and tried various things to change this.


How can we set a default Country/Region and State/Province for Zoom meetings?

If not possible, I also request that Zoom either detect where possible, or assume defaults based on other country-specific settings used during meeting setup.


Having the same problem here in Canada. It's really annoying. I want to collect data on "province," but to do that, I have to add "country" to the list of registration questions, because without it they only get a dropdown of US States. But I don't actually want people to have to go to that giant list of countries. Virtually 100% of our webinar attendees are calling in from Canada.


I have the same problem. On another post a Zoom Moderator unhelpfully pointed towards a knowledge article devoted to changing the country dial-in code defaults. The issue isn't the call in country code default, but the registration country default -- we are in the UK. We will miss significant data if registrants do not choose to select their actual country because the default in the United States. Is there really no option to change the country default?


I'm trying to register for a webinar. Both the organizer and me are in Canada.
The registration form requires that I identify my province, but none is shown in the list (only US states)!
The form only accepts items from the list.
Apparently, my status does not allow submitting a ticket.
Now what? Do I have to get a US passport? No way! ...
See screen capture below:


I also wish this feature existed.  My only work around would be to create a custom question with the provinces as dropdown answers.  But that would only make sense if all participants came from Canada.