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Data transfer not working


After staff leave our organisation and I attempt to transfer their data over to a manager, I have the following message come up: 'unable to transfer data because data receiver does not have webinar licenses.'  This has been done when I am attempting to transfer data from a Basic user to a Licensed user, so this message makes no sense.


I want to be able to transfer all three options to another staff member, including:

1. All upcoming meetings

2. All upcoming webinars <-- if I don't select this, I can make the transfer succesfully.  Under what circumstances can I make the transfer including this?

3. All cloud recording files





Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Elspeth,


When you are transferring data, you are unable to transfer webinars to another user unless that user also has a webinar license. You were able to transfer from Basic to Licensed because a Basic user would never have a webinar scheduled since they can't use the webinar add-on.


Make sure the person to whom you are transferring has a webinar add-on license and then you'll be able to transfer all upcoming webinars as well. For more information, please review


Hope this helps!

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