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Create a new account/user in order to resell a webinar license


Good Afternoon


How can i create a new account or user under my subscription in order to buy a new license for a customer. I need to link this with his email that will not have access to my subscription but only to his plan. Can anyone help on that?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @ArisPapakostas,


This is commonly done. I’d recommend a couple of steps to accomplish this:

  1. Have your customer create a new account on Zoom or if they already have a Free/basic account, you can use the existing account. Get the email address from the new or existing account.
  2.  Link the user’s account to your organizational account. (If you are the only user in the account currently, you have one-person organization; you are about to become two!) see this Zoom Support article on how to do this: 
  3. Pay for the license you want for your customer in your Admin menu. Note that when you buy a license, it’s not signed to anyone. It’s basically in a “free pool of unassigned licenses.”  This article might be helpful: 
  4. Next, assign the license to the user. See this web page for assistance: 

The user will not have access to any of your account/billing information, nor access to the Admin menu. If you were a large organization, this is how you would add multiple employees.


 Let me know if any of this process is not clear, and I’ll attempt to clarify. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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