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Conference recordings not available to ticket holders when complimentary viewing access enabled.


I've been testing zoom events extensively ahead of a planned virtual conference, and so far have not been able to see how recordings are made available to registered participants. I have only been able to publish recordings to an event hub, which is not exclusive to ticket holders.


The support notes state "Registrants will be able to view the recording for the event they registered for only if you included complimentary viewing access with their ticket registration when you created the event." and "Once a Zoom Events Attendee has registered for the event, they will be able to view the recording from their Tickets and Event Details pages."


I have not been able to make this work, even when the complimentary viewing access for the event has been enabled. The only thing that seems to be accessible to users after the event has concluded is the event lobby, where there are no recordings linked. There are also no recordings linked to the registrants ticket/dashboard.


Has anyone been able to make recordings available to ticket holders?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@Rhiannon  recording should appear in the lobby once the session is finished.  Also the recordings should be available till the lobby close end date.  But I have not fully tested this and happy to explore this together.  I run a weekly Zoom events demo conf on Tuesdays.  You are welcome to join.  This week its scheduled for Wednesday (one time change)