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Communicating with registrants vs preregistrants


We have set up a mini-conference in Zoom Events (as meetings rather than webinars). We created an MS Form to collect names of people interested in attending. We then imported the records (750+) as pre-registrants and sent them the invitation to register. When I filter for Registrants, there are zero. I can sort between "preregister invited" and "preregistered," but I can't export these as different types of registrants. Only 135 of the 750 emails resulted in actual pre-registrants, so we're concerned that the invitations went to spam and want to resend the invitation.  Is there a way to only resend this message to those who have not preregistered yet? 


Also, will the 24-hour reminder email go to the preregistrants? It's saying that it will be sent to registrants, but as mentioned above, the system shows zero registrants because we preregistered our list. Thank you for your help!!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @laurajreed, and especially to the world of Zoom Events!


I recently produced a Zoom Event for a client who did their own internal registration and sent me an Excel spreadsheet with names and email addresses (800+). The process went smoothly, and pre-registered attendees received reminders 24 hours and 1 hour in advance of the event. 

If you invited people to register as opposed to pre-registering them, then they will only appear if accept the invitation and complete the registration process. Configuring the registration and tickets is still a trial and error process for many – I usually end up creating a demonstration/test event and refine the settings until I get the outcome I want. We’re all still learning, and while the Zoom Events product has come a long way since General Availability 18 months ago, since of the most recent changes (since January 2023) have required those of us who have had Legacy licenses since the early days to re-learn a lot. I’ll send you a PM to connect. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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