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Change experiecne on virtualn expos on Zoom event solution


Does anyone organize events such as expos on the Zoom event platform? I am interested in sharing the experience because we are starting to organize virtual expos on the Zoom event platform.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@TomGavazzi Hi, if you have any specific questions about the Expo feature in Zoom Events please let me know.

Hi, we are trying to organize a virtual expo using Zoom event. I have the following questions and if you have answers or ideas I will appreciate it.


Can a sponsor invite people to his booth or his session with a link leading to it?
2. In the lobby (screenshot attached) there is no ribbon on the top of the page with the Sponsors, Exhibitors, Sessions etc. - why is that? 
3. On the same screenshot - can the main window be expanded so you don't have to scroll down with the little arrows to see all the event details?
4. Is it possible to edit the text and the design of the registration confirmation email?
5. Working hours of the expo - if we set working hours 9-17 does it mean that the visitors won't be able to visit the booth after or before the set working hours?
6. Can we open and close the lobby to test it and then reopen it for the public?
7. Do the booth representatives and sponsors count towards the total attendee number on the event? (related to the PPA license)
8. How does the On-demand recording work? When people register to see the recording after the event, do they count towards the total participant's number on the event? (related to the PPA license)
9. In general - the PPA license counts the unique event attendees that actually attend the event and not the number of registered users, is that correct?
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To enhance the virtual experience on Zoom events, you can try the following solutions:

Custom branding: Use custom branding, graphics, and logos to create a branded experience for your event attendees.

Interactive features: Use interactive features such as polls, Q&A sessions, and breakout rooms to engage attendees and make the event more interactive.

Virtual backgrounds: Use virtual backgrounds to create a more immersive experience for attendees. You can create custom backgrounds or use pre-existing ones to give attendees a more personalized experience.

Networking opportunities: Provide networking opportunities for attendees through virtual breakout rooms, speed networking sessions, or virtual booths where attendees can interact with sponsors or exhibitors.

Gamification: Use gamification to encourage attendee engagement and participation. This could include things like a scavenger hunt or a leaderboard with prizes for the winners.

High-quality audio and video: Ensure that the audio and video quality is high to create a seamless virtual experience for attendees.

Pre-recorded content: Consider pre-recording certain sessions to ensure that the content is high-quality and can be viewed at any time by attendees.

Live streaming: Use live streaming to allow attendees to view sessions in real-time and interact with the speakers.