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Change Account - Zoom Add-On for Google Workspace


I have two Zoom accounts - one (unpaid) associated with my work email address, another (paid) that I use for personal and volunteer work.


I installed the Add-On for Google Calendar, and tried to set up a work meeting.  The add-on insists on using my personal Zoom account as the meeting host.  I MUST set up work meeting with my WORK email address.  What must I do to fix this? 


I can't find any information on how to reconfigure the add-on, or *completely* remove it and reinstall.  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @mpearl


 If you are using Chrome as your web browser, you can add multiple profiles on your web browser and also on your calendaring section of the Google workspace. That way you can switch back and forth from one account to the other. That is what I recommend that you do and when you are setting this up, use an incognito window to set up the second account so that your machine does not use the credential cookies and think that you are using the same Zoom account for the differing email addresses.  Here is a reference that I found that might assist you. 




Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?