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Capturing attendees email address for verification


I have scheduled a webinar next month and am prepared to send potential participants invitations. How do I ensure registered participants' email addresses can be captured and indicated in the attendance report generated after the webinar? Pre-registration and authentication for participants being Zoom users have been enabled. What else do you think should be done? I would appreciate your professional advice on this.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Ver 


If you have uploaded the list for invitations, then each person will have a personal link sent to them and will attend to that link.  They will be seen on the report, and you can also see how long they stay on the call.
If other people want to join, they should have the registration link sent and will also receive their own 

in the webinar options, ensure

"Include email address in attendee report."
is ticked.

This is a community forum, not professional advice. Contact Zoom professional services for enhanced support.

all the best