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Cannot send 1 day reminder to webinar participants when it is under 24 hours away


I just saw that Zoom did not send out the usual 24 hour reminder message to webinar participants. Somehow the settings got changed or I did not create the webinar from my template. So I have to send it manually. But I also found out that I can't send a message to participants on Zoom. I can't even resend people's confirmation e-mails, well I could, but we have 400 registrants and Zoom makes me wait 60 seconds after sending 11 of them, so it would take an excrutiating half an hour, and even then it would send the wrong message 'you have confirmed' not '24 hour warning'. And I can't download the registrant list before a webinar. So I had to scrape all the names off the registrant list, tidy up the columns, load it into bulk e-mailing software, and send a message to everyone, but even then I had to say, the link to login is not in this message, you should get it from zoom one hour before.  So I feel like Zoom designers are almost going out of their way to  make my life more difficult


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @karljeffery1,

Note: See this Zoom Support article about Reminder emails: 


I don’t have an immediate answer for you – but I’m investigating an alternative approach. I recently used Zapier to update an Excel file with all registrants – including their registrant-specific login link! Armed with that information, I could send individual emails to any and all registrants with whatever information I wanted to send!


If you’re interested in this as I explore the options, let me know. Probably won’t be able to help you with this webinar, but possibly for future ones. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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