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Can I turn off the Panelist reminders?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


You can have both panelists and attendees in your webinar and manage them as the host. By clicking Participants in your host controls, you can manage the panelists and attendees in your webinar. This includes promoting a panelist to co-host or attendee to panelist, demoting panelists to attendee, unmuting, stopping video, and more.


For more detailed information on managing your Panelist as a host, please see KB article >> Managing attendees and panelists in a webinar .


For specifics on adding panelist , it is outlined on this KB article >> Adding or importing panelists to a webinar .


Hope this helps!



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Thank you.  I'm familiar with that.  Our issue is that we have a recurring webinar over a series of Saturdays, with different panelists on each Saturday.  It seems that all panelists need to be added to the series, so they are getting reminders about April 2nd when their class isn't until April 23rd.  I was hoping we could leave the panelists in, but turn off their reminder emails.  Without, of course, turning off the reminders to attendees.