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Can I take a pre-existing zoom meeting and host it within a Zoom event?


I have already circulated a Zoom Meeting link for a full-day event which has started gathering registrant details, but I now want to convert it to a Zoom Event. Is there anyway I can take my Zoom Meeting and somehow pair it with a new Zoom Event booking?


Possible solutions I'm hoping for are for people to register on my original Zoom meeting and it redirects them to the Zoom Event for example.


I've exported the CSV of registrants from the Meeting to pre-register on the Zoom Event if required.


Any help would be welcome.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @LGT! Yes you definitely can convert your meeting to a Zoom Event. You'll need to purchase a Zoom Events license but the instructions on how to convert can be found here: 


I hope this helped!