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Call to Action CTA Reports?


Hello Zoom community! After a recent webinar, I went to pull the attendee report and saw there are now CTA and survey report options as well.  I found this video on creating a survey, but I can't find anything on creating or using calls to action (CTAs) in a webinar.


The Getting Started with Zoom Reporting support article makes no mention of a CTA report. The only mention of calls to action that I can find anywhere in the support documents is in the April 3 update that mentions a new attendee feature:

  • Back to the Lobby call to action
    The lobby window on the Zoom client will be brought to the front of a user’s screen when a session ends or will be opened if the lobby window was closed.

Is this what the report option is referencing?


It sure would be nice to be able to create a call to action within a Zoom webinar for attendees to schedule a meeting, download a PDF, etc. - beyond just posting a hyperlink in chat. A robust CTA option is the only missing feature that has kept us from using Zoom for all our webinars!



Commenting because I have the same question! Hope someone can answer : )


I would love to hear more about this too! 



I have the same question


I have the same question


yes please - are call to actions currently available?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @andiYMYW and others!


I ran across this post while researching another issue and thought I’d share my take on this.


The Release Notes document you referred to is for Zoom Events, and doesn’t doesn’t apply to standalone webinars. Also, I think the term “call to action” Is not the appropriate term for what happens when an Event Webinar Session ends – it “sort of” applies in some sense, but not in the way most of us use the term. 

Ultimately, I think having a call to action at the end of a Webinar might be ineffective. If they miss it, or leave early, they’re out of luck!  I’d recommend adding a follow-up email after the event, both for attendees and absentees:


 Click the Edit button and put your call to action in the text box indicated:




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