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Blurry Video Quality for Zoom Webinar on Mobile Devices


Hi all,
My question is, how could we improve the viewing experience for users on mobile devices? It's hard to tell attendees to log in via PC or laptops nowadays as they would rather opt for convenience with phones and tablets. I still do get complaints from attendees on mobile devices that the broadcast is blurry.


Recently I ran a Zoom Webinar for a client and I used Mimolive to mix remote panelists and slides before broadcasting it into the webinar. We did not used screen share and we have a 1080P HD account.

We were monitoring the broadcast and confirmed that we were streaming at full HD. The Webinar settings, we had 
"Always send 1080p video to attendees" enabled.

However some users on mobile devices commented that the video was blurry and they could not see the text on the slides. They were on their WIFI connection. PC users did not have this issue.