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Being logged out of Zoom completely


Today during a Zoom Webinar, certain members of our panelists were sent to a preset, private Zoom Meeting.  A few moments after they left the Webinar, they came back indicating they were not able to join the Zoom Meeting due to a notice, "Cannot start Meeting, waiting for host to start". We've done this multiple times and weren't sure why they were suddenly unable to join.  As I was the one who created the Zoom Meeting, I was asked to join and act as host so that the others could join and I would leave once it was started.  When I clicked on the private Zoom Meeting link, I received a message indicating that I could not be in two meetings at one time and I would need to "Leave Meeting", which was fine - I would return to the Zoom Webinar after starting the Zoom Meeting.  However, when I attempted to log on as host of the Zoom Meeting, I too, received the, "cannot start meeting, waiting for host" message.  It was then that I realized I had been completely logged off of Zoom and had to go to the Zoom website login, and once I was back in Zoom, I was able to login to the Zoom Meeting as host.


Was this just a strange fluke or is it because I was in a Webinar attempting to move to a Meeting?  Should I first have logged out of the Zoom Webinar and then selected the Zoom Meeting link?  Thank you for your assistance (before our next meeting 2/15 😉).


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

My name is Brandon. Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! I am not sure what happened in your webinar and meeting, but I can show you how to ensure that it does not happen again. Please review this article and let me know if it is helpful for your next Zoom session. 

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