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Being able to register attendees for free for paid webinar


I'm doing a paid webinar but need to be able to register some attendees myself so they don't have to pay.  Is there a way to do this besides adding them as a host or panelist?



t all depends on how you are registering the attendees. Are you using ZOOM and the paypal inbuilt collection function?


If so I don;t know of a way to do it, but I can suggest a workaround, i.e. register them, pay for them with your credit card and then give yourself a refund from your paypal account. Otherwise you will need to register them as panelists, ask them to come in 5 minutes before the start of the webinar before you pend the practice session and then move them to attendees.

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You can do as below though this may not be ideal.

1. Uncheck paypal integration temporarily

2. Register some for free by yourself.

3. Check paypal integration.

* Others can register for free while paypal integration unchecked, so you have to do this quickly.

I was told when I asked about this last year that it could mess something up... but I am not sure what now. I was researching in hope that there was an update by now to allow for registering free guests. Adding them as panelist works if it is only a few people but if you have a large group, it is not easy! 


There should be an option to give someone a code or something. If you were to use the first suggestion (which is also not convenient for large numbers), you would have to pay the credit card fees. 


I have used Wufoo to take the payments, which will allow for free payments in addition to paid. Then I send everyone the link for the webinar set up as "no registration required". That caused all kinds of issues as well and then there is no real attendance reports. 


I hope that Zoom will come up with a solution to this soon. 

> I hope that Zoom will come up with a solution to this soon. 

So do I.


Until about the end of Feburary, it had been possible to add registrants for free by adding them through Zoom API. I hope it will work again.