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Attendees getting kicked out in Zoom webinar and Issue with Zoom Polls




Today, we hosted a Zoom webinar, and unfortunately, many attendees experienced disconnections, forcing them to rejoin the webinar. Some participants were unable to rejoin at all, encountering difficulties while stuck in the webinar. We regularly host multiple webinars each day, but it seems that this issue has arisen after the recent Zoom update. We kindly request your attention to investigate and address this matter promptly.

It's worth noting that not only attendees but also co-hosts are facing the same issue of being kicked out of the webinar.

Additionally, I've observed an issue related to polls. It appears that after creating a poll, the system saves it for all subsequent webinars. Consequently, we need to manually delete the polls created for the previous webinar each time. Furthermore, there is an unusual occurrence where the choices in a poll are being altered. For instance, the choices were different initially, but when I launched the poll, the second and third options were the same, and the third option had automatically changed to the second. Your assistance in resolving these matters would be greatly appreciated.