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Anyone Found a Workaround to Help with the Current Pardot & Zoom Webinars Native Integration Gaps?



I just put in a feature request with Zoom regarding the poor functionality of the current state (August 2022) Pardot & Zoom Webinars native integration. In the meantime of anything more suitable being delivered by Pardot (Salesforce) or Zoom, I want to ask if anyone has found any suitable processes or system workarounds to mitigate the gaps (i.e. zapier / integrations, custom code approaches, etc.)?


Here is what I included in our feature feature request:

"We are currently GoToWebinar and Pardot users. We recently bought a package with Zoom that included Zoom Webinars.As a result, we want to replace GoToWebinar with Zoom Webinars in terms of our webinar platform, but considering the current poor state of the Zoom Webinars / Pardot integration (on both the Pardot & Zoom Webinars sides), it looks like we're going to need to stick with GoToWebinar until this is improved. This is disappointing.


Relevant Pardot idea (as of 8/17/22, it says partially delivered, but it has not been delivered from my perspective):


From the Zoom Webinars Integration, we want to see the following aspects provided:
--Two way sync between Pardot and Zoom Webinars
--Inclusion of Zoom Form Engagement data (i.e. did the person fill out the form or just view it) visible within Pardot
--Ability to do Pardot form completion actions based upon Zoom Webinar form completions (we have this with GoToWebinars)
--Ability to tie prospects directly into campaigns (rather than just lists -- we do not have available Pardot automation rules to create the extensive rules we need)"



Circling back to this. We've found a strong solution via the Pardot Consulting Firm, Sercante. 


Here is a relevant info link for anyone interested:

Hey, thanks for posting! I was about to write my own reply...good thing I read your comment.

You're welcome.