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'Allow to talk' on a webinar button


Is there a way to allow all attendees to talk during a webinar with a single click vs. clicking on each attendee?  I have a Q&A portion at the end of all my trainings and I run the trainings as webinars vs. meetings to avoid having a lot of people on camera and so we don't have to deal with everyone muting themselves.  I typically have around 100 people in the trainings.  When we get to the Q&A portion I have to click 'Allow to Talk' on each attendee separately so they can ask questions.  This can take a couple minutes when I have 100+ attendees.   At this point of the training I am ok with being able to see everyone's picture or camera and having to deal with possibly having someone not on mute.



At this time, there is not. As you explained, we can allow one person at a time to talk but you can take this action repeatedly to effectively unmute the whole attendee list. 


I hope that the following solution would work better for you:

We use the hand raising option to cue people to be allowed to talk. This keeps down the potential for background noise with too many lines unmuted. The first hand to be raised goes to the top of the attendee list and subsequent hands will go below the first in order of raising their hand, so you can keep it orderly.  Once the line is allowed to talk, you can lower the individual hand. 


Zoom has made changes to the meeting platform that may make your use case better suited for a meeting. You can now use the security feature to make sure attendees can't turn on their webcam if that is a goal and focus view allows the host to see the participant video, but participants can't see other participant videos.  The catch is that participants can see one another in the participant list in a meeting.

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Thanks for the response and recommendation!  I have used the hand raising to prioritize who I click on 'Allow to talk' first, but was hoping there was functionality I was not aware of.  


Sounds like you're on it. Happy hosting!

***Helping individuals and organizations gain success in their virtual and hybrid events.***