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Quantifying Chat

Does anyone know how to quantify the chat after a meeting to measure student engagement? Ideally, the final document would include the student name and how many times they responded to questions. Content of the chat should be kept so salutations and ...

SAWW by Listener
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I scheduled a recurring meeting in Canvas; however, when my students try to join us, they say they need a password. I don't have a password so I don't know what is happening. I have been using Canvas for the last two years, I have scheduled my class ...

Please allow us to save our breakout room setups!

I'm an instructor at an online coding school. We use zoom as our classroom and use the breakout rooms when it's time for practices. It would be so wonderful if I could create templates or save breakout room setups in some way so I don't have to enter...

change to education plan

I am a university students and used my university email address to sign up for zoom. However, I have ended up with a basic account, but I understand that I am entitled to an education account with unlimited minutes. How can I change my account?

Teaching computer classes via Zoom

I would like to teach online Mac computer classes via Zoom. Does Zoom provide tools that allow an instructor's key strokes to display as they are typing? I'd like for participants to see when I hit a key that is not a letter or number. I'm also curio...