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Attendance Report Setting

I was assigned to be a teaching assisstance on Canvas. When I tried to set "Attendance Report Setting", it showed "Can't update the Attendance Report Setting due to the invalid Setting from the input value". Could you guys please help me with that?


Muy buenas noches, como puedo hacer para generar un contrato con Zoom sobre el plan adquirido, ya que solo las facturas no son validadas en mi proceso legal como docente

STD by Listener
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Original Sound Settings Changing after Update

We are a church and we use two different microphones for live music and speaking. We use Original Sound ON as a default setting, however after a Zoom update last weekend our Original sound setting flips to OFF each time we change microphones. How can...

Zoom call drops on my new pc

I teach online using Zoom. On my new desktop with Windows 11 the Zoom call keeps dropping. It works fine when I use my laptop, so it isn't my wifi connection. Any fixes?

Mel5 by Listener
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Students using video loops

Greetings, I am a University Student TA and I have a question regarding the surging use of video looping in Zoom to make it seem as though students are paying attention with their cameras on. Is there a way to disallow video looping or altered backgr...

zoom needs a "teacher" version

I am hoping I am missing this functionality. But as an educator for professionals, my classes are often hybrid if not fully remote. I need to be able to:Virtually "walk" between all students and see their screens and faces in real-timeDiscretely assi...

Quantifying Chat

Does anyone know how to quantify the chat after a meeting to measure student engagement? Ideally, the final document would include the student name and how many times they responded to questions. Content of the chat should be kept so salutations and ...

SAWW by Listener
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