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problem with sharing pictures

Hi. Today I was using Zoom for teaching and I tried to share 2 word documents containing pictures copied and pasted into the docs. When I shared them with my class the pictures vanished. Has anyone got any similar experiences or answers?

Zoom desktop client software stores any temporary files?

I wanted to inquire about whether Zoom desktop client software stores any temporary files on the local disk when "cloud recording" is enabled by a user. If so, we want to confirm the location of these files so we can ensure they aren't deleted when a...

idmeyers by Listener
  • 7 replies

training multicast

We are attempting to run a training course. We want to:Broadcast trainers (my) screen.We want to see the delegates screen (shared) in a quad view (4 attendees) as well as their faces/cameras to see what they are clicking on and how they are progressi...

Resolved! Captions blocked by chat preview

I work at a Community College in California. Several of our students rely on captioning. The pop-up preview of chats block the captioning. The only fix I have found is to move the captioning to a side panel with the "view full transcript". This makes...

rtaylor by Listener
  • 2 replies

PPT share Beta and other presentation software

Hello, PPT share is still in Beta mode. When this feature will be in stable and final version ?It would be usefull to have the same feature with other presentation software like Keynote, Genially, other.... Do you also plan to have the possibility to...

Keep up with new features?

What's the best/easiest way to keep current with new Zoom features? How do we come to know what we don't know it (or third parties) can do?

Prof2001 by Listener
  • 4 replies

Focus on Students

Calling all Educators! Are you listening? Ok, good.. Today, Zoom released our much anticipated FOCUS mode. That's right, Focus mode is live! This mode will allow all students to ONLY see their teacher, while still allowing the teacher to see all stud...

Pat_laMorte by Community Champion | Zoom Employee
  • 13 replies