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ZVA Intents/Queries are not Coachable in ZCC


I have a ZVA chatbot connected with a Domain, Flow, Intents, etc. but the intents are not coachable. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but I uploaded 20 training phases and they do not show under the 'Coach' tab. Fortunately for me, I'm not able to upload images! As far as I can tell, everything is connected correctly and they should be showing. I can choose the correct Domain and Intent from the drop-down, but nothing populates. If I can't use my training phases, what exactly is the point of them? I've read the docs at least 5 times by now and they don't point in any specific direction as to why this is happening. 



I think there are two way to do (I am tying to find out it, too)

You can go Intent Management -> Build and click intent to add or modify the Training Phrases. It will create a draft version. Then click Management -> Build -> Domain then click Train Domain

Intent Management -> Coach, then you see actual previous user input, you can also search the user input. Then select input from it. Then click the check box to submit. It will again create a new phrases on draft version so you need to repeat click Management -> Build -> Domain then click Train Domain.