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Renaming tasks created by Zoom calls in Contact Center


Good morning all,


In Contact Center, the app creates tasks that we will use to generate/manage cases going forward.


I have a couple questions about that.


First, the task type page layout...It is named "Task Layout", the same as the original layout created years there a way to rename the layout?


Second, the record names. They are named "Inbound + phonenumber" or "outbound + phonenumber". I am OK with the phone number part but can we rename the first part to include "Zoom" to make these tasks easier to differentiate from other tasks? 


Just trying to improve the user experience as we transition from another system.


Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks much,



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Stevenica - Welcome to the Zoom Community! I'm looking into both of your recent Zoom Contact Center posts.

If I could just ask a clarifying question: seems like this post is also related to the Zoom Contact Center Salesforce integration (similar to your other post)?