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My Town Eliminating Zoom


Please forward this email to the correct department. I live in Belleair, FL. At last month’s meeting, the commissioner discussed eliminating Zoom for town meetings and has now decided to cease using it. Belleair commissioner stated technology glitches during a meeting could be construed as violating the state’s public participation statute. Which Florida statute would that be, and how does it violate public participation? Town attorney Daigneault remarked that the Florida Attorney General had issued legal opinions on the Zoom issue. I was unable to find a legal opinion concerning Zoom. Was there a legal opinion that would mandate not using Zoom? What was the legal opinion issued by the AG that directly affected Zoom access? Commissioner Nessler, an attorney, agreed about “the possible failure of technology,” stating he’s had “difficulty communicating with people on Zoom” recently. Nessler and Commissioner Shelly each said they were in favor of eliminating Zoom access. Would eliminating Zoom access also reduce civic engagement, accountability, and transparency? Is doing this in the best interest of Belleair residents? Please supply me with facts and figures to counter their unsubstantiated claims.

Thank you,