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Duplicate call answer screens


Good morning all, new to Zoom phone and Contact Center.


We have integrated with Salesforce. As I understand it, for calls to be logged in Contact Center, they must be made and/or answered from within Contact Center in Salesforce.


All OK so far...except...when calls come in, the call answer window pops up in both Contact Center in Salesforce and in the desktop app. (see attached screenshot)


How do we prevent this? I think this will be very confusing to our client services people and will result in calls not being logged in Contact Center because they got answered in the desktop app.


When client services is logge dinto the queue, I only want the call to pop up in the Contact Center app in Salesforce.


Thanks in advance!




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Stevenica - I got one of our teams to test this. When the agent handles calls inside the CRM integration, the ZCC backend activates the work session and the client detects this and logs in. Which leads to both CRM and Zoom client ringing simultaneously. Zoom is working on an enhancement to fix this but there's no release date set currently.