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Contact center voice input too sensitive?


Does anyone turn on the voice input in the CC flow? 


Basically "Speak or say 1 for Customer Service"?   If we have it turned on, so if the user says 1, it should use that option.  How ever it seems that any background noise while the menu options are being presented to the caller, it seems to be very sensitive, and if it can't tell what the caller said, then it will send it the caller to the default option.


Does anyone else use this feature, or have turned it off because of the over sensitive menu?


How I think it should work is if ZoomCC can't tell a caller said One, or Two... it should keep playing the options, and if the caller has not said an option it recognized after a few seconds after the greeting has finished playing, it should repeat the menu and try again, not just send to default on the first or 2nd try.  



Sorry, I meant to say "Speak or press 1", not "Speak or say..." 🙂

Can you put a link for that


It's Didn't work