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Any ideas pn best way to get agents attention if they are already on a queue call?



I am looking for ideas on how to alert my agents while they are engaged in a call.

I have an app I use for dispatching road side service.

This app is also accessed directly by customers.

During the graveyard shift I have only 2 or 3 agents on the call center.

Assuming all are engaged on a call with a customer or road side tech, I am looking for the best way to let the agents know another call came in, directly via the dispatch app.


We have a webhook in place on the app and it successfully knows when a new call is directly placed on our board. Because our agents may be on the call for several minutes and may have a few calls in queue, it's easy for 20 or 30 minutes to pass before they get a chance to check the app for new calls. Problem is the customer may not be as patient and starts calling other companies.


Wish would be if a call appears that we can pop-up an alert on the agents desktop letting them know a call appeared. My developer and I are thinking maybe there is an API we can leverage to do this right in the zoom client. We are also open to other ideas.


Thanks for any comments.

Keith Budurka