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Video cirlce buffering

I am the host and I set up the Zoom meeting okay but as soon as I start it, the video switches off and I get a circle buffering. But then the app freezes and no one can get access to the meeting even though they were initially in it. I have submitted...

How To Determine Video Was Recorded by Zoom

I received an emailed video file of a meeting. The sender claims the video was created by Zoom, using zoom's recording capability. When you view the video, it does not look like the video was created by zoom, but rather a 3rd party program like EaseU...

Mic not working in Zoom

I have tried all of the troubleshooting advice listed in this forum, going to settings and even resetting the computer and still no sound using my microphone while using Zoom. The mic appears to be working otherwise. The speaker does work while perfo...

Scheduling Permissions but I'm listed as Host

I'm a licensed user in my company and I have scheduling permissions for our exec team and integrated with Google calendar. I completed the update last week and now when I schedule for an exec leader, the meeting isn't listed on my calendar, but I'm r...

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