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Welcome to the Community Help Center!

A place to seek guidance and find resources about the community platform.

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Happy New Year from the Zoom Community Team!

Goodbye, 2021  Hello, 2022  As 2021 comes to an end, the Zoom Community Team would like to thank everyone on the Zoom Community for the love, support, and helpful contributions they have provided this year! This community would be nothing without i...

Happy New Year from Community.jpg
Bri by Zoom Moderator
  • 9 replies

Welcome to the Zoom Community--Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the Zoom Community! I’m Bri, and I’m one of the community moderators here at Zoom. We’re SUPER excited to have you here in this collaborative space! We would love to get to know our community members. Please reply below to ...

welcome gify.gif
Bri by Zoom Moderator
  • 146 replies

Windows Magnifier and Zoom

I have a client using Windows Magnifier on the system and would like the meeting participants to have a regular view of the screen when they have it magnified. Is this possible?

Conta zoom voltou para basica

Bom dia estou com problemas, na conta zoom.Tenho conta profissional e agora ela voltou para básica. Só precisaria renovar no mês de abril de 2022.Como faço para recuperar meu perfil profissional?

Cancelación y reembolso

Se me renovo automaticamente la suscripción ayer, quise cancelarla y solicitar un reembolso pero no conseguí lo del reembolso y tampoco estoy segura de haberlo cancelado correctamente. Aun así, si no fuese posible el reembolso, querria poder seguir u...

Bewoman by Observer
  • 1 replies

subscribing to a plan giving trouble

Hello, I am trying to activate a plan of Video SDK Pay As You Go, but after creating a new developer account for that purpose and filling the required information , clicking on subscribe button makes screen stuck and nothing happens , also nothing ap...

create meeting with zoom api

get response status waiting for activation , i choose jwt authentication app i created is showing activatedbut by calling create meeting api get respose with status waingforactivation?

call invites... HELP PLEASE

Please tell me how to stop the call invites I keep getting inviting me to meetings, or at least the horribly annoying sound. It's happening about every 10 mins and it's a big problem. It seems to even happen when I'm signed off of zoom. I can't sleep...

ATLraw by Observer
  • 1 replies

Resolved! organizing files in folders inside Zoom

Is there a way to organize the recordings in themed folders? I have purchased extra icloud space with my zoom account, so I don't want to have to download them and organize into files. Thanks!

BSC by Observer
  • 1 replies
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