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Zoom Community showcase idea


Zoom has a lot of great product related webinar showcase sessions, and how-to and training presentations. Like the ones listed here


How about having a webinar-session focusing on the Zoom Community? 😊




Zoom Moderator

@Rupert , I love this idea! I'll share with our webinar team and see what's possible 🙂. Out of curiosity, what topics related to the Zoom Community would you be interested in learning about?


Two topics I think would be helpful as part of what a webinar covering Community forum:
- Tips on what to say or how to best word a SUBJECT line...and maybe your first sentence too...for clarity & to attract fast response from other users.
- Tips on selecting a TAG, or multiple tags, For example, how do WE know at the time of posting a new curiosity what is a FAQ? How can we pre-declare something frequent? 

Any particular community question/posting could be actually be quite rare and one off.  Seems to me that FAQ tagged items should be those curated and tagged by Zoom Moderators or at least chosen by an algorithm that detects a threshold for something becoming "frequent."  What were you guys thinking when providing FAQ as a tag?  I could say that about some of your other pre-selected tags.

Zoom Moderator

Thank you for this feedback, @TheMysticReader . Taking it all down! ✏️


Regarding your question about tags... tags are user generated in the community and therefore, they were not preselected. However, topics are predefined. Topics help to best categorize content, and are optional for users to assign when publishing a discussion. Our moderator team and fellow subject matter experts help to decipher which topics may be most relevant for each respective board in the community. We are also closely monitoring the types of discussions our community members are talking about, and updating the topics accordingly.  I do agree with you that FAQ could use some cleanup 😬. We will take particular note to this. 


You can learn more about the difference in topics and tags in this article: How to Use Topics and Tags .


As always, thank you for the feedback! 

Oh, you are right. I was say TAGS but I meant TOPICS and thanks for response. Best, ++cj