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Changing my email in Zoom Community


Does anyone know how to change the email that is linked to their Zoom Community account?


Note Taker

Hi @pfmarotto 


Your Community account is linked to your Zoom login profile

Thanks, Rupert.  


I'm trying to see if there is a way to change that. 


Maybe a better question would be, if I were to set up a basic Zoom account using my personal email would/could the two profiles in Zoom Community be merged, so I don't lose my progress, discussions, etc.?

Hi @pfmarotto 


You would update your Zoom profile email at


If you were to setup a new Zoom account/profile, I believe that would create you a new Community profile from scratch. 


I don't know of a way to merge accounts - but maybe a Zoom Moderator will post something else.



Thank you, Rupert.

Zoom Moderator

Hi @pfmarotto! @Ruport is right in suggesting you update your Zoom profile email at We also don't currently support merging accounts on the Zoom Community.