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turn off login notification


For information about the security of the account entry, we found alerts about signing in to it. We will confirm your login attempts from a new browser, location, or device.


Now every time you have to look for mail to see the code, how to disable the check?



There is another thread about this issue with hundreds of replies, look it up.


You cannot disable the new check, it is an imposed security feature, obviously to hinder the use of shared accounts. You may open a Support ticket explaining your situation and hope to get a dispensation.


We  opened a ticket but received no answer for more than a week, so very little hope of solution.   We will have to go to MS Teams, unless we are able to implement SSO in world-record timing . 


Hope that the Zoom team can reflect on their bad decision. In the meantime, you can write to the tech editor of your preferred national newspaper, they would have an excellent story with this problem.


This is a rubish feature from Zoom,  and a pain in the neck.

Any work arounds??