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set filters to be the same for all meetings sessions


Hi. I have searched everywhere and cannot find the answer to this question. How do I get set filters to be the same for all meetings sessions. The "Apply to all future meetings check box" is not there on my Mac client. I have the most up to date client as it just auto updated this morning. 


Zoom Moderator

Hi there, and welcome to the Zoom Community! If you go into the Setting on your Zoom client, click Background & Effects and then Studio Effects at the bottom. Afterward, you should see the option to "Apply to all future meetings". Let me know if this helps! 


that check box works for the Studio Effects (like eyebrows, lip color, etc.). But it does not save the settings for Video Filters. See the circled (in red) setting. 


I have to set the Video Filters each time I do a video call. It doesn't save that setting. 


Any other ideas??




Hello? Anyone here? How do I contact tech support??