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Zoom Chat - notifications but no message


Hi all - new to the community so please be gentle!


From this morning, our company has found the floowing issue started.


On WIn 10 device with Zoom app....

A notification pops up advising a new message has been received

After selecting the notification, the Zoom App window pops up and there is no new message showing.

After exiting Zoom and reopening the app, the message appears.


This is only happening intermittently


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @kenth and welcome to our community! 😎


What version of Zoom is being used? Also, is this happening on one or multiple devices?


Hi, I have encountered this issue in the past week, very annoying. does not happen on mobile, but on the desktop Version: 5.8.6 (2048)


Hi, I have it seems the same problem. The Zoom Chat (not in a meeting) shows a red dot, which I assume means an unread message. However, I cannot locate anything unread. Any ideas? Thanks

Ahhh, I found the issue. The notification was not for a new chat, but for an invitation for a contact request. However, in that case, the notification did not make sense as the invitation was already accepted.