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Video Sharing not working


I have weekly meetings and share screen each time, showing video's each week. I always use the same video source. Yet, while screen sharing today, the video was playing perfectly on my end (sound and video quality)  no one on the meeting can hear the video. I haven't made any changes to the system and I'm not sure how to fix it. Any advice? 



Hi @Dianna1 ,

Did you record the meeting by any chance? Reviewing the recording might allow to detect a possible cause, like something you did differently.
As for this particular meeting, you said no one heard the video but did they see it only without a sound?

The Sharing a recorded video with sound during your meeting article was recently updated so there might have been recent changes done on that, so first check to see if you did follow the steps listed here, or if there was anything different that you did compared to previous times.

It might be difficult to find what could be wrong just by checking and asking here in the Community. If you have a paying account maybe it's best to create a tech support request as Zoom Support staff can check on their side for more details of what was done in today's meeting to see what could have caused the issue.