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Sign-in email address is different than the address zoom is using to send mail to participants!!


I am trying very hard to learn zoom (I'm NOT tech savvy).  Everybody says it's simple, BUT, I sent out an invitation to my first meeting as a test.  When the participant answered my email, it came to a different email address than the email address I use to log-in with (and that I signed up with).  HOW does Zoom even know about my "other" email address?

I want my "sign-in" email to be used with all my dealings with zoom.  I've wasted 45 minutes now trying to find an answer to how to simply fix this, and I cannot find anything address this.


Anybody have input?  Thank you in advance,



Community Champion

@Philomena I've been in the same situation before as you are at the moment. I realized that my browser was signed in to another Zoom account I used for my personal use. To get around this issue, I always make sure that my primary browser is currently signed in to the Zoom account/email address that I would like my meeting participants to see when I send meeting invites or when I join Zoom meetings. You can check this out by logging on to If the Zoom account currently signed in is not the correct one, click on sign out, then sign back in with your correct account/email address. Hope this helps.

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Zac, thanks for your reply, but here's more info.  My sign-in is always my hotmail account.  My signin shows up correctly on my profile and under my photo when in zoom.  I always use Firefox as my browser.  However, when I sent the "invite" to the participant and the participant receiving the invitation did NOT receive it from my hotmail address, but it showed it was sent from another email address (not hotmail) that I use for a different purpose.  So, since my signin and profile reflect the correct email address (hotmail), I still don't have a clue why zoom used a different email to send my invite.  Thoughts?

Community Champion

@Philomena That's interesting. I have a snapshot below of my Zoom account signed in to Firefox and my account signed in to Zoom app. Do you see the same account/email address currently signed in? Would you please share how you create a meeting invite and send the invite to participants? Thanks




As I mentioned, I sign in with hotmail and my profile reflects hotmail too.  They match.  I just tried to set up a meeting & send an invite as I have no idea how I did it the first time.   When I filled out the "form" online to set up a meeting, I made sure I had checked "other" calendar as I don't know what would happen if I choose Outlook (which by the way, is connected to the OTHER email address the first invite came from) or chose Google (I haven't a clue how Google calendar works).  Anyway, when I saved the invite to clipboard, then I opened a tab in Firefox, signed into my hotmail account, opened up a new email, pasted the invite into the body, and sent it to an individual that has a gmail account.  I'm delighted to report they received it reflecting my hotmail address.  So, it seems like a rather laborious process to send an invite that way, but it's the only way I know how to do it and get it right (at this point).  Thanks for your help in this matter; I appreciate it.  


Community Champion

@Philomena Glad to know that you have figure it out on why the meeting invite was getting sent with the wrong email address and on how to send the meeting invite with your Hotmail account. Zoom Meeting scheduler/calendar and contact integration is not currently possible with Hotmail, but you can certainly request this feature by visiting our Zoom Feedback form, which is the official way to share any feedback or feature requests with the Zoom team. Thanks!

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