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Problems accessing a finished call room




Yesterday I recorded a 3 hour long call, and in the process of finishing it and in the process of saving the call, the computer restarted because of the heat. When I started it again, I didn't even have the video saved, I couldn't access the room of the call, it doesn't appear in the "recordings" section, nor as a room that had existed. I have the paid version of Zoom and the ID of the call, but when I try to enter it, it tells me that it no longer exists.


Do you know what I should do?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Juan.


Sorry to hear about the issues. It is possible that the original files are still in your computer. Try to locate your meeting folder and check inside if there are any files. It will either have MP4/MP3 files or a couple of files ending in .Zoom, which have not been converted into normal audio and video files yet. If it is the first, problem solved; if it is the second, the files need to be transcoded.

I can leave you here a couple of links, but you might have need of reaching out to Zoom Tech support, so that they can help you out:




Good luck!!