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Password trouble


Hello, I am having a problem with setting up my new password.

I have had a zoom account for 2 years and now it is asking me to sign in again, however I do not remember my password for my account. 

So when I go to reset it, I follow the link and it takes me into my account and it shows that I already have password, it asks me to enter my old password?! But I do not remember it, so how can I change the password? What is the point changing the password if you already know your existing one? 

Please, does someone know how to reset the password while not knowing the old one?

Thank you



Community Champion



It sounds like your browser may still be logged into Zoom, even though you don't know the password.

If you log out of your account on the site by clicking the silhouette in the top right and then log out




Then go to and enter your email.

When you follow that link, it should take you to a page that just asks for a new password



Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

Thanks!  Rick