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No longer receiving chat notifications


In the last month, I have been unable to receive chat notifications on the desktop client. Previously, I would get an audible tone and a bouncing icon on my Mac. First, the tone stopped. Now, I have no bouncing icon and no number badge. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, toggled my settings, reset my PRAM settings and nothing has changed. Any other ideas?


Zoom Moderator

Hi @ktavares! Have you seen this article here? Also, have you been able to get notifications from other apps that you're using on your Mac? 

I also have this issue. Other apps do bounce in the dock and they also send audible notifications. However, the Zoom desktop client has not for over a year now, first on a MacBook Pro (early 2015) and now on a MacBook Air (M1, 2020).

I had investigated all basic and advanced settings, by the way. All would indicate this function should be working.


same here. All other applications send notification sound when receiving messages on mac. Zoom remains silent. All the settings checked on should sound, but all silent.