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Hosting Zoom Webinar: Table Readthrough (Gallery View Layout for Attendees)



Hope you are all well. I really need some help. We are hosting an important TV readthrough on Zoom Webinar. The aim is to have all the active participants (our 14x actors) as panelists with everyone else invited to the readthrough as attendees. We want the video layout that the attendees see to be the fixed gallery view of all the actors (panelists) at the readthrough. However during  webinar practice sessions, whenever I set the Attendee View to either the following:

(i) Follow Host's View (even when default view is set to Gallery)

(ii) Gallery View

Attendees only see the Speaker View (when we want them to see all the actors regardless of who is speaking in Gallery View). Nothing I do seems to change this other than putting all the attendees into the panelist group which is not what we want to do. Can someone urgently please help us? We are trying to get this sorted by tomorrow. Thanks so much






Community Champion

Hello @Riches_Prodprod,
My name is Brandon. Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! Have you attempted to utilize the Custom Gallery View in your Webinar Practice Sessions? Setting the order may force the custom view on your attendees. Please make sure that the host of the webinar is on the latest version of Zoom and the panelists and attendees.

Please view the listed Prerequisites section of the article linked. 


I hope that this helps!



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