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Every Zoom Meeting, My Audio & Video Disappear & Reappear


About three or four weeks ago, an ongoing issue started with Zoom. Whenever I am on a Zoom call, which is usually multiple times a day, my audio and video will disappear for a few seconds and reappear - meaning, I can't see/hear others and they can't see/hear me while this is happening. It will do this several times on a call.


This isn't an issue with internet connection. And I never have to re-enter the meeting, I just have to wait for the window to pop back up. This is usually only a few seconds, but super annoying, as it will often happen when I'm talking or presenting. 


Both Zoom and my OS are fully updated. In fact, I'm wondering if my recent OS update is what triggered this issue, as it seems to have been around the time this issue started showing up.


Anyone else experiencing this? Any fixes for it?