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Sending Bulk Meeting Invites


Good morning Zoom Support,

What is the best way to send out bulk zoom meeting invites?  Currently, when I send out large amounts of emails (re: 80+ invites) I am being blocked by Microsoft 365 and have to call IT support to get unblocked.  Is there a way to have Zoom send these email invites rather than have them come from me?  What are the best practices?

Thanks, and have a good day!



Hello Yaguayo,


To send out bulk Zoom meeting invites without running into email deliverability issues, consider the following best practices:

  1. Use Zoom's Built-in Email Functionality: Zoom provides an option to send meeting invites directly from their platform, which can help avoid deliverability issues. When scheduling a meeting on Zoom, you can choose to send invitations through Zoom itself.

  2. Authorized Email Senders: Make sure that the email address you're sending invites from is properly authenticated and authorized to send bulk emails. This can involve setting up DKIM and SPF records for your domain to improve email deliverability and prevent messages from being flagged as spam.

  3. Use a Professional Email Service: Consider using professional email marketing services like Mailchimp or SendGrid to send out your meeting invites. These services have tools to manage large email lists, monitor deliverability, and ensure compliance with email sending standards.

  4. Segment Your Recipients: Break down your list into smaller segments and send the invites in batches. This can reduce the chances of being flagged as spam by email providers.

  5. Personalize Invitations: Personalized emails with recipient names and relevant information can improve the likelihood of your emails being delivered and opened.

  6. Avoid Spam Triggers: Craft your email content to avoid typical spam triggers, like using excessive capitalization, too many links, or certain trigger words commonly associated with spam.

  7. Provide Value in the Subject Line: Create subject lines that clearly convey the value of the Zoom meeting and encourage recipients to open the email.

  8. Unsubscribe Option: Include an option for recipients to unsubscribe from your emails to ensure compliance with email regulations.

  9. IT Support: Work with your IT department to ensure your email sending practices are aligned with your organization's policies and to address any deliverability issues promptly.

  10. Test Deliverability: Send test emails to different email providers to ensure they are not getting flagged as spam.

  11. Clean Your Email List: Regularly clean your email list to remove invalid or outdated email addresses.

  12. Avoid URL Shorteners: Long URLs or URL shorteners can sometimes trigger spam filters. Use full, meaningful URLs whenever possible.

  13. Feedback Loop: Monitor feedback from recipients and adjust your email content and sending practices accordingly.

If your organization is facing consistent email deliverability issues, consider working with IT professionals or email experts to ensure that your email sending practices align with industry standards and regulations. Additionally, reaching out to Zoom's support might provide insights into their recommended practices for sending bulk meeting invites.